The Museum of Talking Boards Presents

The Boards of Kipling West

Witchboard #1

Witchboard #2

Picket Moon

Salamander Night Garden Ouija

Day of the Dead Ouija Board

Black Jack with the Hackle Back

Let's imagine for a moment that you are a talented illustrator and artist. And let's say that your ideas run towards the dark and fantastic—the Halloween. What sort of talking board would you make? If your name is Kipling West, the answer is easy. You take the essence of all things weird, mix in equal parts of wit and whimsy and create something truly unique and unusual. And that is exactly what she does. Kipling West has illustrated The Amazing Fortune Telling Book, The Halloween Tarot and Tarot for Cats, and has more irons in the fire than your worst enemy. Visit her incredible website. That's an order!

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