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Converse Ouija Board OUIJA
Morton E. Converse & Son
Design on wood
First prize for the all time best Ouija clone goes to this Fuld facsimile on the left. Kind of makes you wonder what else Morton & Son copied, doesn't it? The message indicator is stamped with a bold "Converse Mark of Quality" logo.
Pacific game Company
Design on paper-hardboard 1968
The Predicta All Knowing Magii Board came in the lap version (shown here) and the deluxe "tablette" model with non-skid wooden feet for table top use. The planchette for this board had a grommet in the center for a pencil, in case you wanted to use it as an automatic writer when "you were ready for more advanced communication."
Predicta Board
Veda Talking Board VEDA
Wiz Novelty Co.
Design on paper-hardboard 1940
According to the instructions, Veda is endowed with many centuries of wisdom and knowledge and will answer all your questions of the past, present and future. A companion Veda the Magic Answer Man game was also available from Wiz Novelty Company.
Craftsman Sales Co.
Design on cardboard 1943
This is a Lee board sold by Craftsman Sales Company. C.O.D. to you for $1.80. That was in 1943. Wonder what it would go for on eBay these days? It came with the board, box, "Supertable" (assembly required), directions for the Mysterious Talking Board, and your Astrological Forecast—a thirty page booklet. That's a pretty good deal for $1.80, don't you think?
Craftsman Ouija
Quija Talking Board QUIJA
Southern Toy Company
Design on wood 1919
Did Isaac Fuld intentionally misspell Ouija with a "Q" or is that just a ribbon flourish? This very rare board, unlike his Oriole, has more of a fortune telling design with the playing card pips. The PPF in the logo stands for Past-Present-Future, a common phrase found on other fortune telling games of the era. See the original stencil for this board at William
Manufacturer Unknown
Design on paper-hardboard
This inexpensive import from Taiwan has the Zodiac and a variety of other planetary symbols sprinkled about the board. Below the numbers are the days of the week. The circle in the lower right hand corner reads: Planchette Trade Mark Ouija Board Pat Pen, whatever that means.
Ouija Talking Board
Mego Corp.
Design on plastic 1979
And now for something completely different. You fill the flat sphere with water and add a small floaty finger. A magic substance called "Slik Silver" takes over and the floaty finger spells out your messages. We kid you not. It didn't work very well for us but that's because (we presume) it's fickle.
Tarot Productions
Design on paper-hardboard 1967
Pretty Age of Aquarius 60's symbolism board by tarot artist Frankie Albano. You can't see it because the picture is too small, but that's a hookah right next to the "A" on the board. Judging from the skyward glance of the hippie in the middle, we would venture to say he looks pretty stoned. He is also naked. A lion head hides his private parts. Don't try that at home and don't ask us about the Cherub holding the wheel. We haven't a clue.
Tarot Ouija
Joseph R. Myers
Design on paper-hardboard 1968
Loaded with chalices, doves, and crosses, this board was obviously designed by a member of the Catholic Church. Even the message indicator is in the shape of a cross. The directions state that the board is specifically designed to get you in contact with the Saints and the Angels. Prayers of supplication are included to insure that you don't run afoul of the Big Guy.
J & J Inspirations
Design on paper-hardboard 1995
This is one of the prettier angel boards. Four angels float around the Earth in a very protective way. Should you be at a loss as to how to start your session don't worry, an opening prayer is printed right on the board: - Angels come with me abide - Be now present at my side - Grant me wisdom from above - Bring me knowledge filled with love.
Angel Guidance Board
Hasbro Canada Inc.
Design on paper-hardboard 1995
What did a Parker Brothers Ouija board Canadian style look like? It looked like this board on the left. Ouija L'Oracle Mysterieux was the jeu de messages de William Fuld. Get it? Well, au revoir then.
Relationship Enrichment Systems
Design on paper-cardboard 1999
Only just recently extinct, this talking board was more for two people in-the-mood than those who wanted to conjure spirits. It had the Zodiac, Venus and David plus a question wheel with a spinner in case you were too drunk to remember your question. The message indicator was, as you might expect, heart shaped.
M Heart

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