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Plywood Specialty Company
Design on wood
Asterial means "having to do with the stars." That must distinguish it from that other "Ouija" that it copies exactly, namely William Fuld's.
J.E. Garside
Design on paper-wood 1893
We call it the throne board for want of a better title. The throne faces a round table, King Arthur style. Letters, numbers, and word quick picks allow you to make those royal decisions. Patented by J.E. Garside August 8, 1893.
Throne Board
Telepah Talking Board TELEPAH BOARD
Psychic Research Ass'n
Design on wood
Looks like someone spilled alphabet soup right in the center of this board from Salem, MA. Instructions on the back claim that the Telepah is "a medium for the purpose of thought transference or materialization, and is believed to be one of the most successful and practical instruments for this purpose."
Russell Rucker & CO
Design on wood
This is one of several boards we have seen besides the Simmons Ouija, to feature swastikas. Although there is no date, we are very sure that it is pre-1940's.
Rucker Ouija
Mystic Glow Talking Board MYSTIC GLOW
Manufacturer Unknown
Design on paper-hardboard
We don't know quite what to make of this board with the creepy fun-house images. Contrast this cheap dime store board with the serious seance instrument in the frame below. It's all about intent, of course. The intention of making a dollar versus the intent of contacting the spirits.
Psyche Publishing Co.
Design on tin-plastic 1921
Let Psyche be your muse with this interesting board reminiscent of the earlier Wireless=Messenger. Psyche Publishing produced much material for the devoted psychic researcher. This board was their number one seller.
Psyche Talking Board
J.W. Stanley
Design on wood 1920
One wonders if they didn't know how to spell "Witchy" or if they just didn't give a whit. Anyway, this is a wonderful example of a Halloween board. That's an owl sitting on the broomstick with the "whitch." All we need now is a "phumpkin."
Model Pub & Specialty Co.
Design on hardboard
Here's a large version of Shackman's Mystic Quiz renamed "Ouija." Or is it the other way around? Interesting how two companies can market the same design with minor variations. We see this a lot in the talking board business.
Father Time Talking Board FATHER TIME
Advance Games Co.
Design on paper-hardboard 1945
Father Time tells all, presumably after looking into his huge crystal ball. The headphones floating in the crystal are labeled "Conditions Good" and "Conditions Bad" just to let you know Father Time's current temperament. The Father Time Talking Board was made in Canada and in the US.
Pyramid Power V Inc.
Design on paper-hardboard 1977
It's the Age of Aquarius again with this seventies Swami Tarot Ancient Oracle. Use it like a conventional talking board or flip it over and consult the tarot cards on the back. Great period design.
Swami Ancient Oracle
Rajah Spirit Talking Board RAJAH
Clinton Art Products
Design on paper-hardboard 1944
If you get bored with your collection of plain wood talking boards this gorgeous Rajah Spirit Talking Board is sure to brighten your afternoon. This is one of the nicer ones.
Corneau Karas Ltd.
Design on paper-cardboard 1984
The folding Pen-G has to be one of the prettiest talking boards with its colorful design and delicate shading. Originally a pendulum board, it works much better with a planchette. The moon and the sun agree. Or is that just our imagination?

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