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Oracle Board ORACLE
William Fuld
Design on wood 1915
Patented January 19, 1915 William Fuld's first "Oracle" was a complete departure from his regular Ouija. Fuld designed and produced a number of oddball talking boards. Few survive today.
William Fuld
Design on wood 1920
By 1920, the Oracle became the "Mystifying Oracle" as evidenced by the name change in the center black circle. Although the peculiar letter design was interesting, it was not to last. See Mystifying Oracle: Gallery Page Three.
moracle Board
Wilder Manufacturing Company
Design on wood 1920's
This is obviously a Fuld clone circa 1920 but at least it has an interesting and user friendly letter and number design. As everyone knows, Mitche Manitou is the Native American (Algonquin) spirit guide who will answer all your questions. What? You didn't know that?
Wilder Manufacturing Company
Design on wood 1920's
The Mitche Manitou came in a variety of styles and sizes. Here is a variation of the above board. Wilder also made a duplicate "Mystic Ouija Board" which we think predates the Mitche Manitou. Wilder may have made the name change with a little persuasion from William Fuld, but that is only a guess.
Manitou Ouija
Copp Clark Ouija OUIJA
Copp Clark Publishing
Design on hardboard 1950's
If you are going to copy a Ouija board, you might as well do it right and start with the original Kennard design. That is exactly what this Canadian manufacturer did after negotiations with the original patentee in 1891. Copp Clark made many Ouijas, some wood, some hardboard, all (except for the packaging and message indicators) exactly alike.
A Barrel of Fun
Design on hardboard
This unknown manufacturer, marketing as "A Barrel of Fun," made two versions of the We-ja Girl. The first version was this one. The second version had the title and girl in red and yellow like the Crystal Gazer below.
A Barrel of Fun
Design on hardboard
The Crystal Gazer brings to four the number of talking boards we have found so far by this unknown manufacturer. You might call this one the new and improved deluxe We-ja Girl.
Lee Industries
Design on cardboard 1940's
If you were bothered by the garish colors of the original yellow Magic Marvel and red glow in the dark Yogee, you could have the best of both designs in this toned down (but boring) light tan Magic Marvel/Yogee combo.
Baltimore Ouija OUIJA
Baltimore Talking Board Company
Design on wood 1920
Collectors call this the "Smiley Face Ouija" for obvious reasons although you may need to look closely to find out why in this picture. There seems to be some debate among experts whether that's George Washington or the Sphinx in the lower right hand corner of the board.
Alice-Lee Manufacturing
Design on paper 1940's
This Star Gazer Mystical Question Board was designed as a talking board serving tray. Sandwiched between two pieces of glass is a double sided sheet of paper with the talking board on one side and the "Mysterious Palm," a palmistry/zodiac fortune game, on the other.
Star Gazer
718778 Ontario Limited
Design on cardboard 1987
Actually it's the Midas Golden Touch Prophesying Board and if there ever was a game that could pick your winning lottery numbers then this talking board from Canada would be the one to do it. According to the instructions, anyway. It came complete with Midas Prophesy Cards and a plastic message indicator.
Design on paper-plastic 1971
About the size of a grapefruit, this forgotten little jem is housed in a clear plastic sphere and uses a magnetic finger pointer suspended from the roof of the ball as a message indicator. Ultra bizarre! Sitters place their fingertips on the rim of the sphere and the pointer takes over, spelling out the messages from the spirits. Bold in concept, the actual contraption leaves a lot to be desired because the finger pointer is so twitchy that it takes forever to spell out a word, much less a full sentence. It gets high marks for originality, though. Oh, and it's very, very cute which is why you see it everywhere on the Internet. You have us to thank for that. You are welcome.
Finger of Fate
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